UNIWAY 1GE XPON ONU MODEM is one of the GEPON optical network unit design to meet the
requirement of the broadband access network. It apply in FTTH/FTTB to provide the
data and video service based on the EPON network.
GEPON is the latest generations of access network technology. IEEE802.3ah is the
standard protocol of GEPON. The GEPON standard differs from other PON standards in
that it achieves higher bandwidth and higher efficiency using larger, variable-length
packets. GEPON offers efficient packaging of user traffic, with frame segmentation
allowing higher quality of service (QOS) for delay-sensitive voice and video
communications traffic. GEPON networks provides the reliability and performance
expected for business services and provides an attractive way to deliver residential
services. GEPON enables Fiber To The Home (FTTH) deployments economically
resulting to accelerated growth worldwide.
UNIWAY 1 G is based on ZTE high-performance xPON access chip. The chip supposes
three mode:GEPON/EPON/P2P, comply with the GEPON standard of g.984, g.983,
802.3-2005, CTC GEPON equipment technical requirements, have good xPON
interoperability compatibility


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